Locksmith and Chancellor 1923

The Government of the fictional country Norland has unleashed a war with the neighboring Galikania and is suffering one defeat after another. A group of conspirators who were dissatisfied with this state of affairs, led by the Social Democrat Frank Frey arrange a coup to overthrew the emperor of Norland. But the working class does not like the new order either. Workers expose Frank Frey's policy of continuing the war and a revolution breaks out in the country. The leader of the socialist revolution becomes a mechanic of the name Franz Stark.

The Locksmith 1997

When his estranged wife is brutally attacked by a burglar, a law-abiding locksmith unconvinced that the junkie charged for the crime is the real attacker starts his own investigation.

The Locksmith 2010

Out of prison on a work release program, Mike is doing his best to stay on the straight and narrow, but his job as a locksmith threatens to undermine his efforts when the nutty and profane Margo calls seeking his services. After helping Margo in her quest to find out whether her fiance's been fooling around, Mike has a twinge of conscience that only ends up pulling him deeper into a dicey and chaotic situation.

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